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All I Want For Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving, celebrating and hoping for just that one special gift. Sometimes children get exactly what they are asking for and sometimes not. If your children are having a Christmas party this year and your looking for a game that will be fun and exciting this one might just fill that Christmas stocking.

How to Play

Start the game by telling each child to think of the one thing they would like to have for Christmas. Be sure to let them know that in this game money is not option. It can be anything their heart desires. Give them some time to think it over before you start the game.

When your ready to play give each child a piece of paper and pencil. Have them write their choice down, fold it over and place it in a container. Be sure to tell them that no one else can see their choice.

Now begin the game by having the first child select a piece of paper. Have them open it and read what the gift is. Starting with that person have them try to guess whose gift it is. Play continues around the circle until someone figures it out. If it comes to the person whose gift it is before they have guessed it that person is out of the game. The person who guesses correctly picks the next gift from the container.

The game can actually end one of two ways. If only one person is left due to the elimination process they win the prize. If you have more than one person and have run out of guesses the person who guessed the most correctly wins.

Either way the children will have great fun trying to figure out who wants what for Christmas. You’ll also have fun hearing what the children believe are all they want for Christmas.

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