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Fill a Stocking or Two

The holidays are a time for giving and especially to those less fortunate. Many cities have toy drives that you can volunteer to help with. These types of toy drives entail larger wrapped gifts to be given to children close to Christmas. One of the greatest memories for a child at Christmas is the thrill of a Christmas stocking. You never know what you might find in that stocking from Santa. Why not have your family start a Christmas stocking drive in your town?

The first thing you need to do before starting your plan into motion is contact your local city hall. You will need to know how to set up your drive. Many places allow door-to-door solicitation but most areas would prefer you had drop off locations. These locations are governed by city rules so find out exactly what the laws and rules are before starting your drive. Also see if they have available a list of families in need. This will help in your distribution of these gifts.

Next you will need to line up volunteers. Start this around the first of November to ensure you have plenty of people to help. Your children can talk to their friends and schoolmates. Have your children make up flyers to leave at the school or school functions explaining the idea and the need for volunteer help.

Be sure to advertise your drive. You will want to contact newspapers, radio and TV stations to see if they have free public service announcements available. This is a little different than a regular toy drive. People will need to know that you only want Christmas socks and small items to place in the socks. This is a good way to give less fortunate children things such as socks, mittens, sock hats and so on. Things that they need to make their life easier along with small toys and games.

Designate a cut off date for your drive. You will need the time to have your children decorate any plain Christmas socks you may receive. Filling those Christmas socks can take a lot of time also. You will have gifts for both boys and girls so be sure to mark your sock so that when distributed the right gender gets the right sock.

Try to distribute your socks on Christmas Eve if possible. Children look forward to Santa on Christmas Eve and this is part of the Santa tradition. See if you can get one of your older children or a spouse to dress up as Santa and the other volunteers to be his elves when delivering your Christmas socks. The children will be delighted to have Santa at their door on Christmas Eve.

One last thing, be sure to thank your volunteers including your own children. This can be done publicly in the paper or on the radio and TV. Also after the distribution of the socks you can have cookies and hot chocolate available to your volunteers. This will help them to feel they are a part of a giving family and a holiday tradition that can last for years.

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