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Give the Gift of Volunteering

The holidays can be such a joyous time. For most of us the decorating, shopping, baking and spending time with family and friends is what itís all about. There are many people who live in our country who wonít have that chance during the holidays. For many reasons there are people out there who have no home or family to be with during this time of year.

Statistics show that the number of homeless in our country is astronomical. This number continues to grow on a constant basis. Many of these homeless are complete families who have fallen on hard times in their life. Shelters and soup kitchens are a part of their livelihood. These types of places need our help to continue to offer their services to the homeless.

The gift of giving is one of the most important lessons for a child to learn. They also need to know that giving doesnít just include a gift. The holidays are the perfect time to start a family tradition of helping the needy by volunteering.

Find a local soup kitchen or a shelter in your area. Be sure to visit and talk with the people in charge before taking your family to help out. This will ensure you are happy with the surroundings and the way the place is run and handled.

Also talk to your children about what they will see at these types of places. The homeless have very little material items in their lives and what the do have they cherish with all their heart. Your children need to know ahead of time how these people live and why their things are so very important to them. Give your children the heads up so no one is left in the dark. Also let your children know it is ok to ask questions and even make friends. This is all a part of the giving and can help to make the holidays a little easier for some who has fallen under hard times.

Once you have chosen the place that is right for and your family to volunteer at and have spoken to your children about what to expect you will need to arrange a time to help. Talk with the people in charge to arrange this time. They will be very happy to help you in anyway and will greatly appreciate the time and effort youíre family will be taking to help them out.

Remember that being homeless isnít something that just happens around the holidays. Volunteers are needed even more during times other than the holidays. Making this a family tradition and continuing to give throughout the year will benefit everyone involved.

Teach your children that the gift of giving means so much more. This may be the best gift they will ever give for years and years to come.

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