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Halloween Charades

What to do when itís Halloween night, your children are having a party that should be outside but itís pouring down rain? Hereís an idea for a game that can be played inside. The kids will have a lot of fun trying to figure who or what that mummy is trying to portray. What fun you will have watching your goblins try to figure out how to be the Wicked Witch of the West or Casper the Ghost.

What You'll Need

* Numerous Halloween characters
* Pieces of paper
* Pencils
* Plastic bowl

How to Play

There really isnít a lot to getting this game ready for play. Be sure you have a large enough area for children to sit in a circle. It should also be large enough that the person acting out has room to move.

As your childrenís guests arrive give them a piece of paper and a pencil. Tell them they are to come up with some sort of Halloween character. It could be a specific character like Glenda the Good Witch or Frankenstein. They can also pick plain Halloween characters such as a ghost, mummy, bat, spider, hobo and so on. Tell them to fold the paper a couple of times and place it in the bowl. Donít tell the guests what this is for. Keep them wondering thatís half the fun.

When you are ready to start the game have one of the guests pull a slip of paper out of the bowl. Donít let them show it to anyone else. Then they must act out the character on the paper. The other guests have to figure out whom they are portraying. Once they hear their character called out they switch with another guest. Continue play until all the characters have been acted out.

This game can be very exciting and also frustrating when no one can figure out who you are. Place a time limit on how long they can act and if they stump the crowd they get a prize.

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