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Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow

As the song goes “The weather outside is frightful” and the kids can’t go out and play at their Christmas party. Why not bring the snow inside to them? This game needs a lot of room to play. Clear out an area in your home and bring the snow inside.

What You’ll Need

This game will take some room so clear out an area and be sure to remove any items such as throw rugs that could cause the game to be unsafe.

Start by letting it snow. Have the children spread the packing popcorn around on the floor to look like snow. Make sure the packing popcorn isn’t too small. If it’s too small you take the risk of someone slipping on it and falling.

Once the “snow” is scattered across the floor divide your children into two teams. Be sure it’s fair and include boys and girls in both teams along with older and younger children too. Each player needs a bucket and the first player in line gets the shovel.

The game begins when you start the music. The first person on the team starts to fill their bucket with the packing popcorn. They continue to fill their bucket until the music stops. When the music stops they empty their bucket into their team’s empty box. Now the player returns to their team and hands the shovel to the next person in line.

Play continues until all the team members have had a chance to gather up the snow. After the last player is finished check the boxes to see who has gathered the most snow. The team with the most snow wins the game and the prizes. The team with the least amount of snow gets to clean up the rest of the snow from the floor. Merry Christmas!

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