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Make A Time Capsule

Even though we all have memorabilia hanging around the house, it usually does just that - hangs around the house. Why not let your kids make their own “time capsules” this summer? They’ll have fun and it will even take them awhile so they’ll be busy on those long summer days.

What You’ll Need

A sturdy shoe box
Construction paper, wrapping paper or contact paper
Magazines, foamie forms, “jewels”, etc.
Maybe even old fabric or felt scraps


1. Have the kids cover the shoe box with paper, using the glue. Contact paper can be a little hard for young kids to work with because sticks to itself. I prefer scraps of wrapping paper, tissue paper or construction paper. If you really want to date your time capsule, you can even use newspapers but be aware that the newsprint is going to get on your hands.

2. After the outside is completed (and dried thoroughly) you might even want to line the inside with some old felt or fabric pieces. (White glue works fine for that as well.)

3. Start decorating the outside of the box. Cut pictures from magazines and glue on, use “jewels”, glue on COPIES of family pictures, etc.

4. Now it’s time to fill your time capsule. You might want to put in a small toy, lots of photos, newspaper clippings, a favorite outgrown shirt, sports memorabilia, movie tickets, etc. Anything that you just LOVE now and that would bring back memories when you open your capsule years down the road.

5. Finally, put the kid's time capsule somewhere on a closet shelf, in the back of a closet, or anywhere else it will be safe for a couple of years. Just remember, don't hide it so well she can’t find it again in a year or two or three. What fun to see how your kids have grown and changed!

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