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Make A Tzedukah (Charity) Box For Purim

While helping the poor is an ongoing Jewish obligation, it is especially important to remember the poor on Purim. In fact, in order to fufill the mizvot (commandments) of the holiday, you mustgive charity to at least two people on Purim (or give to your Rabbi when he collects for the congregation and allow him to give on your behalf.)

While it may not be traditional Purim craft, it certainly would appropriate to make new tzedukah boxes for this special day. Itís not only fun, it is rewarding on other levels as well. The Lubavitcher Rebbe taught,ďA charity box in a home redefines the entire space. It is no longer just a home. It is a center of kindness and caring.Ē

You will need:

A baking powder tin or similar container.
Felt or contact paper
Decorations such as glitter, foam shapes, stickers, glitter glue, plastic jewels, flat beads, mini silk flowers etc.


Clean and dry the container. Cut a rectangle of felt or contact paper to match the size of the tin. Cover the tin using felt & glue or contact paper. Allow glue to dry if needed.

Decorate your box any way you like and the decorations listed above, using glue as needed to attach things. There are no rules -- so just enjoy the process! Maybe even include them in your shaloch manos packages!

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