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Paper Plate Easter Bunny

So simple but so cute! Bunnies are a sweet part of most Easter celebrations in the home. This is a really cute, but also very easy, bunny that you and your kids can make together. It really is quite adaptable and can be made in many different ways. With or without cotton balls, etc -- it can even be made with just markers and paper plates!

Items needed to make a sweet bunny

Paper Plate
Wiggly Eyes
Construction Paper - Pink and White
Pipe Cleaners - 2 Black and 1 Pink
Pink Pom-Pom
*White Cotton Ball

Bunny Creation

1. Glue googly eyes onto the backside of the paper plate. If giant googly eyes are available, they would be awesome for this project! They can be hard to find, though.

2. Cut out four bunny ears from pink and white construction paper - two pink and two white. The pink ones should be slightly smaller than the white ones. The white ones should be about six inches tall and a couple inches wide.

3. Glue the pink bunny ears on top of the white ears. Now glue the bunny ears to the top of the bunny's head, with the pink ones facing the front of the bunny's face.

4. Take the pink pipe cleaner and fold it in half. Then curl up the two ends to make what almost looks like a "W". Glue this onto the center of the bunny's face to make his mouth.

5. Take the black pipe cleaners and cross them like an "X" to make the bunny's whiskers. Glue them to the center of the face, right above the middle part of the "W" you made with the pink pipe cleaner.

6. To make your sweet bunny's nose, glue a pink pom-pom in the middle of the face directly on top of where the black pipe cleaners cross each other.

7. The bunny will make a lovely Easter decoration for the house. Or a giant popsicle stick or even a stick from outside (with all of the "poky" pieces carefully taken off by Mom or Dad) can be glued or taped to the back to make the bunny into a puppet.

*Note: For a craft that may take a bit longer, many cotton balls can be used to cover the entire face. And then the eyes, mouth, etc. will be put on top of the cotton balls. Or to make the craft even simpler, just draw the bunny's face with markers. And then cut another paper plate in half to make the ears.

Submitted by Leximom

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