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Paper Plate Stegosaurus

Stegosaurus means "plated lizard", so it's quite fitting that we are going to make one out of plates. The plates in its name, however, refer to the bony plates that run the length of its back. He is an herbivore from the Jurassic period, whose first fossil was found in Colorado. Now you can find one in your very own house with this easy and fun craft project!

Stegosaurus Parts

Paper Plates
Old Cereal Boxes
4 Toothpicks

Stegosaurus Creation

1. Cut the paper plate in half. Attach the two halves together, eating sides facing in, so it poofs out. Glue or tape all of the parts. If using glue, allow to dry completely. Some parts could even be stapled.

2. For these next few parts, use an old cereal box or another paper plate. First make his head. Stegosaurus had a long, skinny head. (And a brain the size of a walnut!) And he had a beak, just like a bird, with no teeth in it. He did have some cheek teeth, though. So cut out a long, narrow head that ends in a point for his beak.

3. Next make his four legs. The front legs are much shorter than the back legs. (His head was carried very low to the ground.) Make three toes on his back legs and five toes on his front legs - if you decide to make the toes. That could be tricky, so it's perfectly fine just to make one solid hoof on each leg.

4. Now your stegosaurus needs a long, pointy tail. And then use toothpicks to put spikes on the end of his tail, sticking straight up. You can make either 4 or 8 spikes, it's up to you, because some of them had 4 and some of them had 8.

5. The stegosaurus had 17 bony plates on his back. You might not be able to fit that many on your dinosaur, though, and that's totally fine. The plates point to the side a bit and they alternate which direction they point. So one points to the right, then back up a little bit, and that next one points to the left. Just fit as many as you can or even just put five of them if you want. The plates are like big triangles.

6. Paint the stegosaurus green or brown with black stripes or grey with two different colors of brown on the bony plates. Or just come up with your own color combination for your stegosaurus. No one really knows exactly what color they were, so everyone's guess is a good one. And besides, he's *your* dinosaur!

7. Use markers to add eyes and other features. Or use googly eyes to really make his eyes pop!

NOTE: For reference, look at illustrations of stegosaurus in books or online.

Submitted by Leximom

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