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Rain or Shine

Turn the umbrella upside-down to stop the rain and see the flowers! Kids will get a kick out of being in control of the weather for a while with this craft! What kid hasn't wanted to make the rain go away once in his life, so that he could get back outside to play?

What You’ll Need

2 Paper Plates
Cereal Box
Old Magazines
Glitter Glue
Paper Fastener


1. Cut one paper plate in half. Make the straight edge wavy, like the edge of an umbrella.

2. Paint the umbrella whatever color you like. If desired, wait for it to dry and then paint some designs on the umbrella, too.

3. From the cereal box, cut off a rectangular strip to form the umbrella's handle. Paint the handle brown. When the paint is good and dry, glue the handle to the back of the umbrella.

3. Draw a line across the middle of the other paper plate. Paint one half of that paper plate blue. Paint the other half yellow.

4. While you are waiting for the paint on the paper plate to dry, cut out pictures of flowers from the old magazines. When the paint is good and dry, glue the flowers onto the yellow half of the paper plate.

5. Now for the blue side of the plate, add raindrops using glitter glue. If you don't have glitter glue, use white glue and glitter powder. Another way to make it look like rain is to drop dots of paint in a different color blue than is already on the plate. Then blow gently on them through a drinking straw.

6. Attach the umbrella to the other paper plate with the paper fastener pushed into the center of both plates. Since you will be, essentially, pushing it through three sheets of cardboard, you might want to, very carefully, start the whole with a pair of scissors to make it easier.

7. Turn the umbrella's handle to switch from rainy day to sunny day!

Submitted by Leximom

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