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Rice Painting

Making pictures with pretty, colored rice adds wonderful textures to your artwork. The kids will love the bumpy feel of their creations and the puffy way that they look.

What You’ll Need

PVA Glue
Wax Paper
Food Coloring
Paint and Paintbrushes


1. Add a small amount of water (just about a teaspoon) to each baggie. Add a few drops of food coloring to each baggie, making each one a different color. Colors can be mixed to make special colors, like purple.

2. Add a handful or so of rice to each baggie and carefully squish the rice around in the baggies.

3. Lay out several pieces of wax paper, one for each color, and pour the rice out of the baggies onto them. Let them dry for about 30 minutes to an hour.

4. While waiting for the rice to dry, set out the cardboard. Draw whatever you would like on the cardboard. Simple designs work well, so it could just be cool shapes, maybe even several, intertwined with each other. Or draw simple figures, like people, animals, or even a house.

5. Once the rice is dry, put each color in a small bowl that will be easy to reach during the creation process.

6. Carefully go over your line drawing with PVA glue. Small children may need help with this step.

7. Sprinkle rice on the shape and very carefully press them down to make the grains stick. Shake the excess rice off the cardboard. You can do each color of rice on a different part of your drawing.

8. Lay the artwork out on a flat surface, allowing the glue to completely dry.

9. When the glue is dry, add more pizazz to the picture with the paints.

Submitted by Leximom

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