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Shake Me Then Guess Me

There is not a one of us who has just that one gift that we canít quite figure out under the tree. We want to pick it up, shake it and guess again and again until we discover what is hidden under all that wrapping paper. This game will give the kids a chance to do just that without destroying that perfect wrapped gift from Grandma. Hereís how to play.

How to Play

You will need as many gifts as you have children. This will insure that each child receives a gift at the end of the game. These gifts should be small items and nothing very expensive. Many department stores sell inexpensive items that will be just perfect for this type of game.

Next place each gift into a box that is slightly bigger than the gift. You want the item to easily move when shaken. Now wrap the gift.

Place the children in a circle with the gifts in the middle of the circle. Of course youíll want to give the children time to look at the gifts and wonder what just might be inside. Anticipation is a great part of this game. Just remind them no touching until you say so.

Start with the first child taking one gift from the center of the circle. Let them shake and listen to the gift for a minute or so. Then have them guess whatís inside. Once they have made their guess let them open the gift. If they guessed correctly they get to keep the gift if not they must give to another child of their choice. If a child already has a gift and the guess their gift correctly they have the option of keeping the gift they already have or keeping the new gift. The other gift should be passed on to someone who doesnít have a gift already.

The game continues until all the gifts are opened and everyone has a gift of their own. You will all have a great time shaking and guessing the gifts and no one will leave empty handed.

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