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Spider Marionette

Spiders are such amazing little creatures. And marionettes are so much fun. And since spiders have eight legs, what could be more fun to have for a marionette? Make a spider marionette and watch him "come alive" as you play with him and amaze everyone around you!

Spider Parts!

Two paper plates
Plain paper -or- one foam ball
Two cereal boxes
8 Paper clips or coins

Spider Creation!

1. Cut 8 strips out of the construction paper or the cereal boxes. They need to be about 12 inches long and 1 inch wide.

2. If you don’t have a foam ball, crumple up the plain paper into a nice, round-ish ball.

3. Now we’re going to paint it all of the separate pieces. Paint the strips on both sides, paint the ‘ball’ and paint the bottoms of the two paper plates. You can paint your spider black or even purple or green, if you want. After all - it is *your* spider! You may even want a rainbow spider!

4. After that first round of painting dries, paint a face on the ball for your spider. Maybe you have some googly eyes that you can add to him.

5. Now to put him together! Set one paper plate down upright and set the other plate on top of it upside down. Staple the plates together like that around the edges.

6. Accordion-fold each of the strips, folding back and forth. These are the spider's legs. Tape the legs along the sides of the plates, hanging down. Tape a paper clip or a coin to the bottom of each leg to weigh it down.

7. Tape or staple or glue the ‘ball’ on the edge of the plates to make the head.

8. Cut several (maybe four) pieces of string, about 15 inches long each. Tape them to the plate, evenly spacing them out. Then tie the strings together at the top.

9. Make the spider "crawl" on the floor by holding it up with the string and manipulating it like a marionette. Amaze all your friends with your new ‘spider pet’ - or even better, put on a spider show for them!

Submitted by Leximom

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