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Thanksgiving Charades

The possibility of getting everyone active after a big Thanksgiving meal might be a long shot, but itís absolutely worth the try. Children will be ready to play this game though and itís a way to keep them occupied so they donít become bored. With all the laughter and fun the kids are having you may find that everyone else will want to get involved too.

How to Play

Thanksgiving charades is pretty much played like regular charades because the children will be acting something out. It can be played in many different ways. They may want to act out things such as food, facts about Thanksgiving or better yet what they are thankful for. Have them decide what category they want to act out before the game begins. This way no one will be arguing as to what they are trying to do before the game gets underway.

Have the first child think of an item. For instance if they are playing the what I am thankful for version, have them think about something they are thankful for. It might be Mom or Dad or it could be a possession they have. It doesnít really matter what it is as long as they are thinking of things that matter to them.

Then have them act out the thing they are thinking of. If itís Mom maybe they can act like sheís in the kitchen cooking their Thanksgiving meal. If itís their newest game system they can pretend they are the controllers or maybe a game being inserted. Whatever comes to their mind to try to get their point across will suffice.

As they are acting, the other people in the game try to guess what they are. If someone guesses correctly it will be their turn to act out what they are thankful for. If no one guesses and the person gives up, then you decide who goes next.

Charades can be a crazy game with a lot of activity involved. Best of all charades lets children use their imagination and have fun. Plus it helps those who had entirely too much food to eat work off some of those calories and make room for desert.

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